Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NEW YORK - seems not to the same error when launching Windows Vista a few years ago, Microsoft is ready to receive criticism from the developers and the community about the ability of Windows 7.

As known, release candidate (RC) of Windows 7 will be thrown to the public on Tuesday 5 May to come. The presence of RC Windows 7 by Microsoft, of course, a strong indication of the operating system (OS) is ready to be polished to become better than Vista, with listening to feedback from users.

"We can not wait to hear from Microsoft partners and customers. Therefore, it becomes a fundamental step to developing Windows 7 towards a better future in the final," emphatically Microsoft Senior Vice President for Business Windows Bill Veghte, who is quoted as Reuters, Friday ( 1/5/2009).

"Microsoft has been working very hard to bring the RC with the best quality throughout the history of Windows," he said.

Nevertheless, many observers of the RC, if Windows 7 will not change much when Windows 7 final released later, which they say will be distributed the end of this year. Confidence is based, some of which is a complementary component of XP, and the closing 'hole error' of Vista.

Moreover, the operating system will Anyar this control is compatible with the computer touch screen, in order to work optimally. "We guarantee there are significant changes from Windows 7," Veghte demolished. (srn)

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