Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Microsoft Corp has launched a near final version of Windows 7 operating system which adds new features, including how to run Windows XP applications.

Windows 7 "release candidate" available for a group of examiner on Thursday and will be ready for all the downloaded and the trial began Tuesday. Release candidate is usually the version used by Microsoft's corporate customers to test how the new system is working for them.

Software developers, hardware developers, and other partners also build a new generation of products based on their version of this because they believe that this system is stable and close to complete.

Microsoft published the release candidate Vista about five months before the final version is sold to consumers. If Windows 7 follow a similar pattern, he will be available starting early October. Officially, Microsoft hoped to sell Windows 7 start end of January 2010, but this week they said that the possibility was launched on time on the holiday shopping season.

Creator software is hope Windows 7 successful businesses in the Vista upgrade, which is experiencing problems at the beginning of the launch because they do not work well with many programs and devices that exist.

Microsoft also received criticism from the consumer when he advertise as "Vista capable" which is too weak to run the interface and other features of Vista. Consumers who want to upgrade Windows XP, find graphics card and other components are not running well.

The new system has been set up for more mulus for using technology that underlie Vista, which means that the hardware and software have two years to meet the more demanding Terms.

Microsoft also said that the version of Windows 7 will run on more computers than Vista, including netbook. Currently, Microsoft sells Windows XP, the version that's less mengntungkan operating system, to the PC, such as Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co., to be installed to the netbook.

Thursday, Microsoft revealed that the basic requirements to run the final version of Windows 7 is not much different from those needed to run Vista. However, many critics say the memory and other components Vista should set higher, and Microsoft says Windows 7 better in managing the memory machine and does not pester the less vigorous.

Microsoft discloses some of the features in the new release candidate that is not on the beta edition of January, including the so-called "mode of Windows XP." Features, the release candidate available for the downloaded separately, and allows consumers to run many programs from the era of the computer Windows XP 7.

Release candidate also add a facility to access music and other media stored on home PC through the Internet from a Windows machine 7.

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