Friday, May 29, 2009

The era of Windows Vista is not how long ended, replaced by the latest Windows more revolutionary, Windows 7. Microsoft introduces Windows 7 some time ago. In fact, Microsoft developed Windows focus in every time you speed up the process from start to shut down the computer. In the comfort of your work, and Microsoft all factors apply in order to support computer system remains in good standing.

Far as the features, Windows 7 has strength in all the input and support new taskbar that makes it easier when many settings window you open.

Mike Nash, corporate Vice President, explained that Windows 7 is focused to ensure that everything you do will become easier and all the possibilities that may be sought. Many of you completed the work so much easier and faster.

The near future, the beta will go around to the developers in the Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles for final version of perfection, but planning for the increased privileges on Windows 7.

In a few days this much enthusiasm from those who have tried to check the new code in Windows 7 prebeta hope in the system stability, especially once the operating system, and its performance.

Microsoft has provided a snapshot of Windows 7 before released. Time past, Microsoft has been following the development of specialty include the benefits of. With Windows 7, including the distinctive structure of the main Windows.

Microsoft Windows 7 ensure far different appearance with Windows Vista, Microsoft attempted to make a difference and the improvements on the skewer (incompatible) on the system.

Nash does not explain whether Microsoft will launch the beta more than one before the final launch of Windows 7. He will see the feedback from the prebeta version first.

Microsoft says Windows 7 will be three years after the release of Vista (January 2007). However, CEO Steve Ballmer said Windows 7 wishes he could be launched next year.

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