Friday, May 29, 2009

Facebook is now the currently popular and more and more users. However, over the number of users increase, the social networking site is increasingly vulnerable to hacker attacks. A result, pass-word user stolen and misused.

The other, the Facebook spokesman, Barry Schnitt issued a statement that his side are clear social networking site damage due to the hacker attack. Not less than 200 million Facebook users worldwide, will be predicted to receive hacker attacks.

Hacker, as written, has been successfully collecting pass-word from the millions of users of social networking site that is now popular in the world. Result, the original user, of course, will lose its password, as well as some personal data will be used by the hackers for their personal interests.
Although the manager that Facebook itself is clean and taking steps to address the form of blocks that have been hit by a hacker attack, but the networking site's users still need to be wary.
The new assault on Facebook recently, the attack is not the first time. Even since the beginning of the year 2008 also, this social networking site has a variety of attacks to date. This is because, Facebook has millions of users around the world. Mode is used also various, such as phishing site Facebook and create a false name with

Email provocation
According to practitioners of the Internet Center University Sebelas March (UNS) Solo, Ardian M Prastyawan, attacks against Facebook has actually lasted longer and continue to happen until now. Therefore, he suggested the Facebook users to be more careful and thorough approve the proposal before the links that are not clear or clouded the truth.
Including careful of applications that should not all approved or accepted. "The solution, never follow the advice to click on a link that does not clear site. And do not include the original email username password especially when there is a login request is not clear site. In addition, do not be too easy terkecoh by emails containing a link that does not clear the directions, "Ardian firm, found when Espos, Selasa (19 / 5), in the workroom.

Hacker Facebook encourages users to go to a false Facebook page and told them to log in with the click on the link titled Check this out. Conditions that, according to Ardian, the hackers are looking for victims in Facebook. As quoted from, someone will be sent email provocation, as if that came from Facebook. However, when opened will lead to the victim site that looks like the Facebook login page.

Meanwhile, according to IDG News Service, the new site live on 29 April 2009. But the manager has its own Facebook site is to enter in the black list, and hope that the site is closed. While the inducement or phishing messages that contain the phrase "Visit;".

Ardian affirm that the Facebook users do not have to follow that message. Because, it is the address of the victim to change their web, has been planned by hackers.
Site not attack the victim computer, but just try to collect the login information, username and password that is Facebook.

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