Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH as a game serial Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developer has released some screenshots from the latest version of PES is PES 2010, PES make the fans became curious, these screenshots demonstrate a variety of improvement that make this game better than the previous version of the game more real graphical improvements and a more detail will make gamers enjoy the new style of game.

Screenshot of the project execution PES 2010 more young stars show that Lionel Messi play in the club board on the origin of Spain, Barcelona. In fact there is a very reliable rumor that Messi will be the cover model for the gam PES 2010. Messi shows how the image quality of the graphic details in PES 2010.

Lighting effects in PES 2010 is now more dynamic, in which the position of the sun or reflected light from the floodlights in real time in the shadows coming from the stadium and soccer player. PES development team based in Tokyo have also been working hard to make the characters more alive. Expression of the now fully implemented, while the level of graphical detail has been extended to per individual skin texture and variety of kit to mimic the material that is now widely used in real life producers. Learn with PES 2010?

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