Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Italy - Era where the robot is found in general-which will likely come in time that is not outrageously long. To clean the waste matter in the streets will also be managed by a special robot.

Yes, a robot named Dustbot that is useful for collecting household waste developed in the Italian team of scientists. If it is operated, will serve Dustbot cleaning waste according to customer demand. People want service Dustbot can contact the manager via SMS only.

Quoted detikINET from TGDaily, on Monday (1/6/2009), Dustbot designed to clean up trash in the narrow street where the regular garbage truck can not enter. Transport capacity are large, namely 40 kg.

To navigation matters, Dustbot using integrated GPS and maps. Moreover, not only take waste, the robot also provided the ability to monitor air pollution sensor with the provided.

Making Dustbot funded by the European Union. If there is no obstruction on the road, Dustbot already be used on the streets starting this year Italy also. If successful, some countries are interested to try, such as Japan

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