Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Francisco - Competition game console sales of the more stringent re-position the control of the console game market. Although Nintendo has not been able to move in the game console market, Microsoft successfully replace the position of Sony in the second sequence. Softpedia, Friday (29/5/2009) reported sales figures Xbox penetrate up to 30 million units now.

In addition, Microsoft also claimed, members of Xbox Live at this time has reached 20 million members.
Senior Vice President Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick, said the success of 30 million is a cut through the fact that Xbox 360 has been received by consumers. "We always reveal Xbox 360 offers an entertainment value and more consumers seem to agree with us," he said. Mattrick expect, this success will continue because Microsoft continues to attempt to develop innovations to provide new entertainment experiences for consumers.

Meanwhile, some observers said, sales growth Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 consoles besutan votes has not been able to shove Nintendo dominance. Nintendo console output is now up to gamers to be the choice mash and able to penetrate the number 50 million units

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