Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jakarta - Facebook was a blessing for a mother named Avril Grube (62). Because of this social network, he can finally meet again with the children, who according to him had time to be stolen tens of years ago.

Grube, who live in Poole, Dorset, a single mother of Gavin Paros (now aged 29 years) due to divorce with her husband in 1982. He lost track of the children, since the former husband who has rights to visit, invite to go to Paros Hungary and never return.

Incident occurred 27 years ago. But now, Avril Grube can smile again.

He smiled as his brother in the business track of the existence of Paros in the search engine on the internet in March, the results found. Chance meeting, Paros Facebook profile appears with information about places of birth and the name of his mother, who asserts that he is indeed the sought-Paros search.

Simply send him a message on Paros directly respond with in an email. Grube and Paros can finally look in the face after the set meeting.

Quoted from the BBC detikINET, Saturday (30/5/2009), occurred before the invention of Facebook beatify through this, Grube has been doing business for many many years. Start search from the kith, to the Hungarian embassy.

Even have the case submitted to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but failed. Luckily now there is a social site that realize that it is almost impossible.

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