Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jakarta - The spam appears to have not the same time, depending on the geographic location of a target shoot. MessageLabs Intelligence report this month found these facts.

Reportedly, the email users are in the Asia Pacific region will be receiving spam in a different time with those who dwelt in the United States, is also with those who are in Europe.

Asia Pacific Residents usually the day with their inbox dijejali by a spam attack and attack and will be reduced in the rest of the day.

Then, for those living in the United States, usually get the most spam in the morning at 9-10. Spam and flooding will be reduced at night. Whereas in Europe they had to face during the working day spam.

"This pattern indicates that the spammers are more incentive for a day off work in the United States. This may be because the most active spammers based in the United States, refers to data from the Spamhaus, or when the target where they are online and tend to reply," said Paul Wood , as detikINET quotation from Messagelabs, Saturday (30/5/2009).

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