Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intrigued by my OS Google Chrome immediately searched the internet, who know there've beta version. At first I found gOS, and I think gOS stands for Google Chrome the OS. And it is not Google Chrome gOS operating system, but Good OS, and very unfortunate many who think gOS is Google Chrome the OS.

Good OS called gOS or no affiliation and relationships with companies like Google, although the automatic OSnya already embedded applications from Google.

I have tried to install gOS on my laptop, it was not difficult, it is because, gOS is still based on Ubuntu Linux (which I pake still based on Ubuntu 8.04.1). So Good OS is open source or free, freely modified or destroyed ..

Specifications also populist enough to install gOS, the following specifications:

300 MHz x86 processor
4 GB of disk space (for full installation and swap space)
VGA graphics card capable of 640 × 480 resolution
CD-ROM drive or network card

700 MHz x86 processor
384 MB RAM
8 GB Disk space
Graphics card capable of 1024 × 768 Resolution
Sound card
Network or Internet connection

If you want to download gOS, can be downloaded at the website


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