Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Windows 7 cool? I think so. Windows 7 contains so many new features, some of which seem small when you first read about them, but in use make Windows 7 a great operating system to use.
Techradar have compiled a list of "18 Cool Things Windwos 7 Does That Vista Doesn’t" :
  1. Shake ‘em away
  2. Jumplists
  3. A step forward in previewing
  4. Snap into place
  5. XP Mode
  6. An easier and quicker way to adjust multiple displays
  7. A personalised Stage for your device
  8. (Almost) eliminate the notification area!
  9. Problem Steps Recorder
  10. New Magnifer tool
  11. A new way to preview your music files (I didn’t know about this one!)
  12. Homegroup Networking
  13. Stream music directly to another computer
  14. Action Center
  15. Pin anything to Taskbar
  16. Improved Touch Navigation
  17. Native ISO Burner
  18. Native calibration tools

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