Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jakarta - For those who already feel the performance of Windows 7, whether Beta or RC, of course agree that the latest operation system Micrososft is more superior than Vista and XP. But it does not mean nothing can be improved in performance.

Well, in the golden era of Windows XP, PC users often use tools to make a tweak and speed up the performance of Windows. For PC users with a Tune Up Utility, it's good to try 'guard' while this one uses Windows 7.

This freeware application called EnhanceMySe7en. With this device, users will be able to tweak, or simply to optimize the performance of some of the operating system Windows 7.

In fact, some features of this application can also be used to treat Windows 7, so that is always in prime condition. EnhanceMySe7en can handle the registry, disk space, defragmentation, installation software, even the HDD temperature. CConsequently 'health' of Windows 7 was to be more awake.

Quoted detikINET from Blogsdna, Thursday (4/6/2009) the following are some of the excellent features this application:

* Identification Process, to identify software that is not known.
* Start-Up Management, you can disable the application that is not too important, to increase performance.
* Registry Cleaner, clean the registry that are not useful and improve the system registry errors.
* Disk Cleaner, find the folders that do not meet the useful disk space.
* Registry Defragmenter, index registry, to accelerate the performance of the operating system.
* Disk Defragmenter
* Hard Drive Monitor, monitor tool 'health' our computer.
* Security, configure the security level of our operating system.
  * Optimization, optimize your Windows 7 settings .
* Customization, customize desktop, menus, toolbar settings atu notification.
* Network, optimize your internet connection speed.
Wanna try? Simply download from SeriousBit

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download free ebooks said...

Sounds a good software. Unfortunately I am still using XP. Would like to try Window Seven though...

lagi usil said...

Nice software. Do you think it is better than Tune Up Utilities? I guess TU has more features.

ki_jembleh said...

XP is the best..
but Seven is so nice.. :)

yeah.. Tune up is better..

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