Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Windows 7 user using the beta version of McAfee antivirus feel as frustrated and lost their sense of security. LifestyleRoll - According to reports from the Web Channel, if the McAfee Total Protection is run with the beta version of Windows 7, an error message will appear, "The version of Windows installed on this machine is not supported. Please refer to the product documentation for a list of supported oerating systems. "
McAfee's antivirus tool is not the only one affected by Windows 7 beta. A thread from the Norton community forum also discusses the errors that occur when running Windows 7. Best of Norton on this issue, "At this time, we do not support Windows 7. Once Windows 7 is released, we will provide solutions for the OS." Ago in the coffee or even a prerelease version of the Windows updates are often marked as "potential viruses" by antivirus programs (and a lot of jokes about the launch of Windows as a virus).

One of the software's virus protection that is often found directly Windows7 is compatible with Spyware Doctor, is reported as a forum, 'went well'.

The problem is clear is that because Windows 7 is still in beta so a lot of antivirus software that has not dioptimasikan with OSnya.

So, before you install this beta software please make sure that you are ready with all the risks that may arise against the security of your PC.

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